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July 14, 2006

http://www.ou.org/news/article/israel_crisis_center/#prayersPLEASE, go to the above website to read the LONG LIST of what you can do, in addition to reciting prayers.~~~~~~~

PRAYERS FOR THE IDF, IDF HOSTAGES [KIDNAPPED], INJURED/WOUNDED & THE ISRAELI PEOPLEThe Israeli Chief Rabbinate, along with leading Rabbis and Kabbalists, are calling on people worldwide to pray for the safe return of 'our' [IDF] soldiers in battle, the kidnapped IDF soldiers [hostages], the wounded/injured and the safety of the people of Israel.

The following Tehilim (Psalms/Salmos) are to be recited: 13, 70, 120, 125, 126 and 142. SCROLL DOWN in this message for the online sites where you can find the Tehilim in English, Hebrew & Portuguese.In addition, they are asking that we recite the Prayer For The Hostages/Kidnapped, as well as a DAILY recitation of the Prayer For The Israeli Defense Forces [IDF].NAMES OF SOLDIERS KIDNAPPED/TAKEN HOSTAGE:Gilad ben Aviva (Shalit)Eldad ben Tova (Regev)Ehud ben Malka (Goldwasser)

NAMES OF FOUR CHILDREN IN CRITICAL CONDITION, as a result of Katyusha rocket attacks in Tzfat [Safed]. YES, they are all siblings & some of them have not regained consciousness:Michal [Mijal] bat RevitalBat-Tzion bat RevitalAvraham Natan ben RevitalOdel Chanah [Janah] bat Revital1.

PRAYER FOR THE SAFETY OF THE IDF [Israel Defense Forces]:The Talmud states that it is permissible to pray in any language that you can understand; however, traditional Judaism has always stressed the importance of praying in Hebrew. To read more about the sanctity of praying in Hebrew - the Holy Language - Ha-shem's language, GO TO: PRAYER: A TIMELESS NEED by Rabbi Nosson Scherman http://www.heritage.org.il/innernet/archives/prayer.htmFor those who wish to recite the prayer in Hebrew, here is the transliteration:Mi shebairach avotainu - Avraham, Yitzchak v'Ya'akov - hoo yivaraich et cha'ya'lai tzivah haganah l'Yisra'el, ha'omdim al mish'mar ar'tzainu v'arai elo-hainu, mi'g'vul haLivanon v'ad Mid'bar Mitz'rayim, u'min ha'yam ha'gadol ad li'vo ha'Arava - ba'yabasha, ba'avir oo'bayam. Yi'tain Ado-nai et oy'vainu ha'kamim a'lainu ni'gafim lif'nai'hem. HaKadosh Baruch [Baruj] Hoo yish'mor v'ya'tzil et cha'yalainu [ja'yalainu] mi'kol tza'rah v'tzu'kah, u'mi'kol negah u'machalah [u'majalah], v'yish'lach [v'yish'laj] b'rachah [b'rajah] v'hatz'lachah [v'hatz'lajah] b'chol [b'jol] ma'asaih yidaihem. Yad'ber son'ai'nu tach'taihem [taj'tihem] vi'at'raim b'keter yi'shu'a u'ba'ateret ni'tzachon [ni'tzajon]. Vi'kuyam ba'hem ha'katuv [Devarim/Deuteronomy 20:4]: "Ki Ado-nai Elo-hai'chem [Elo-hai'jem] ha'laich i'ma'chem [i'ma'jem] li'hee'lachaim [li'hee'lajaim] la'chem [la'jem] im oiy'vai'chem [oiy'vai'jem] li'ho'shi'ah et'chem [et'jem]": v'no'mar Amen.2. PRAYER FOR THE DELIVERANCE OF THE 3 IDF CAPTURED SOLDIERS - to be said prior to reciting the Tehilim/Psalms/Salmos, as noted above. [composed by Israeli Sephardic Chief Rabbi - R' Shlomo Mosheh Amar - July 14, 2006]:http://www.ou.org/news/article/prayer_for_the_deliverance_of_the_captured_israeli_soldiers/
Translation by Rabbi Mayer Waxman, Director of Synagogue Services, Orthodox Union. Edited by David Olivestone, Director of Communications, Orthodox Union.[You can, also, find the prayer in Hebrew & another English translation, which was originally composed for the 1st kidnapped soldier, Gilad Shalit, at:http://www.lookstein.org/resources/gilad_shalitpdf

Keep in mind, if you prefer this prayer, you MUST include all THREE names of the captured soldiers in the specific places, noted in the prayer - Gilad ben Aviva, Eldad ben Tova and Ehud ben Malka] MAY it be Your will, Lord our God and God of our fathers, that these Psalms which we have read before You today should come to You favorably, and be accepted before you as if King David Your anointed one – peace be on him – had said them himself. Please take action for the sake of Your Holy names which are written in them, and which are alluded to in them, and accept with mercy and favor our prayers and requests, so that our supplications reach You. Have pity, show concern and extend mercy to the captives, Ehud ben Malka Goldwasser; Eldad ben Tovah Regev; and Gilad ben Aviva Shalit, and save them, showing redemption and mercy, together with all captives and prisoners from Your nation Israel.MAY the One who can liberate captives release them from their detention, deliver them from captivity to liberty, from tyranny to redemption, and from gloom to brightness, and restore them to complete health – a healing of the soul and of the body – and revitalize their spirit, reinvigorate their strength, and help them in happiness and joy; then they will be strengthened and healed and will have eternal happiness.MAY the merit of the prayers, the cries, and the supplications of the multitudes who plead for them all over the world stand for them as a shield and a protection, freeing them from their captivity. Please tear asunder any negative judgments. May all their merits be presented before You, the Blessed One, and all that they have achieved and done for the sake of our nation and our heritage. Tear up their verdicts for the merit of the Holy Name that is alluded to in the initial Hebrew letters of the phrase “Accept the prayer of your nation; fortify us, purify us, You who are so awesome.” MAY the words of this scriptural verse (Isaiah 53:10) be fulfilled for them: “God’s captives will return and come to Zion in joy; eternal happiness will be on their heads, they will be invested with joy and happiness, and sorrow and anxiety will be banished.” May this happen very soon! ~~~~~~~~~~