Sunday, August 16, 2009

World Jewish Congress Defends Israel, Takes on Obama

World Jewish Congress Defends Israel, Takes on Obama

Dear Friend of Jerusalem,

Mr. Ronald Lauder, President of the World Jewish Congress made headlines this week, standing up for Israel.

Ronald Lauder Stands Up for Israel!In light of a Fatah convention that confirmed that these "moderate Palestinians" will not recognize a Jewish State, and growing evidence that the Obama administration is preparing to launch a full scale diplomatic offense on behalf of the Palestinians, at the expense of Jerusalem and Israel's security -- Ronald Lauder, President of the World Jewish Congress, became the first major Jewish leader to defend Israel against this Obama-driven onslaught.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Lauder wrote:

Rule No. 1: Respect the sovereignty of democratic allies. When free people in a democracy express their preferences, the United States should respect their opinions. The current administration should not try to impose ideas on allies like Israel.

Mr. Lauder continued:

The administration would also do well to take heed of the Palestinian Authority's continued refusal to recognize Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people. This is not a trivial matter. A long-term settlement can only be forged on the basis of mutual recognition and respect. To deny the essence of the Zionist project--to rebuild the Jewish people's ancient homeland-- is to call into question the seriousness of one's commitment to peace.

It is a sad statement of the Palestinians' approach to peace-making that denial of the Jewish homeland is not simply contained in the openly anti-Semitic leadership of Hamas. It is a widespread belief across the spectrum of Palestinian opinion. This reality must be confronted.

Mr. Lauder's rousing defense of Israel came on the day that President Obama bestowed the Medal of Freedom on Mary Robinson, who gave birth to Durban I and legitimized anti-Israel and anti-Zionist sentiments. Obama honored Robinson, despite protests by Jewish and non-Jewishorganizations.

Mr. Lauder has earned our respect and gratitude for stepping to the plate when others are cowering in the shadows. We encourage you to Send Mr. Lauder a Message and show your support! We will forward all the mail.

Read Mr. Lauder's Wall Street Journal Op-ed.


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