Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The '8888' Uprising

The '8888' Uprising

On this day, August 8 1988, the '8888 Uprising', also known as the People Power Uprising, took place in Burma with a series of marches, demonstrations, protests and riots that were planned and staged by students in Yangon (aka Rangoon) and which were violently suppressed by the government.

Hundreds of thousands of monks, students, housewives, doctors and others demonstrated against the one-party state military regime of the Burma Socialist Programme Party headed by General Ne Win.

Aung San Suu Kyi emerged as a national icon and is imprisoned.

Although now for different trumped up charges, she remains a woman without freedom in Burma.

Please follow any of the links below to learn more about this most remarkable woman. About the many honors and awards that have been bestowed upon her, about the hope that she continues to give to millions, and about her current 'trial' which will soon be issuing its verdict (follow the 'Burma Recent News' link to go to the Discussion Topic at Genocide Awareness that posts daily updates for you)

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