Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eliyokum Cohen

People keep emailing me and telling me that the oral Torah is garbage and it was a scheme cooked up by the usual the people the know the least amount about Judaism try to disregard the aspect of it where all the rules come from...not a single commandment in torah is detailed in the written text, WHICH IS WHY WE HAVE AN ORAL TORAH PEOPLE (sorry for fesityness) heres the the copy of the torah you have or go online and look at this weeks parsha re'eh 12:21...heres the quote ""If the place where Hashem, your G-d, will choose to place His Name will be far from you, you may slaughter form your cattle and from your flocks that Hashem has given you, as I HAVE COMMANDED YOU, and you may eat in your cities according to your heartt's deire...UH-OH ORAL TORAH DENIERS, BIG PROBLEM FOR YOU HERE...In the written Torah you will not find EVEN ONE COMMANDMENT from Moshe about how to slaughter an animal, yet our slaughtering practices are so carefully constructed and detailed...whre could they have come from...FROM THE ORAL TORAH PASSED DOWN FROM FATHER TO SON AND RABBI TO STUDENT...there you go people PROOF that again is Oral Torah no tefillin or mezuzah or kosher slaughter...why do people deny it, becuase by denying the Oral Law one frees himself/herself form the "restrictions" that Torah places on someone and they then proceed to live however they want...dont fall into this category, the Torah talks ad naseum about reward and punishment...some of us are going to a good place after we leave earth adn some of us are going to a not so good place...the decision is 100% yours...Hope everyone has ana amzing Shabbos and Ill say it again please just take a few minutes and send out the invites to this gorup to all your friends...this site is really shaking people should read some of these emails, they are incredible and touching...good shabbos and choose the path that guarantees eternity!!!