Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chabad House




Dear friends,


As you are all aware of from the news, yesterday morning there was a huge scale terrorist attack in Mumbai India.

The terrorists have been holding hostages in three locations. The targets were 2 Hotels and the Niramar house which is the "CHABAD HOUSE" in Bombay that serves business people who come to India and all the Israeli backpackers.


At the current moment Rabbi Gabriel (who was my classmate in the school) and his wife Rivky are being held hostage. According to the housekeeper who was released from the building last night holding their two year old child in her hands both were not conscious but alive.


Please take a moment today to give charity, do a good deed and recite aprayer and psalms for the safe release of Gavriel Noach ben Fridah Blumahis wife Rivkah bat Yehudit and all hostages whose names we don't know.


Rabbi Arie Zeev and Sheindel Raskin