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Alberto Manguel

O leitor de Borges
Leu para Borges os livros que o escritor cego não podia ler mas que muitos deles já sabia de cor. Continua a definir-se mais como leitor do que como escritor. Alberto Manguel, o autor de Uma História da Leitura, é o convidado para as conversas ao fim da tarde.
Alberto Manguel
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About Alberto Manguel
Alberto Manguel was born in Buenos Aires in 1948, and educated there. He has an international reputation as a polyglot anthopologist, translator and editor of great gifts ('both enthusiastic and meticulous... with a brilliant strong natural taste', 'Guardian'). His works in English include 'Black Water: the Flamingo Anthology of Fantastic Literature' and (with Craig Stephenson) 'In Another Part of the Forest: the Flamingo Anthology of Gay Literature'. His highly acclaimed novel, 'News from a Foreign Country Came', won the McKitterick Prize in 1992.

The Library at Night

A Room Full of Toys
The Magical Characters of Childhood

Magic Land of Toys

The Dictionary of Imaginary Places (1980)
News from a Foreign Country Came (1991)
Stevenson Under the Palm Trees (2004)

In Another Part of the Forest: The Flamingo Anthology of Gay Literature (1968) (with Craig Stephenson)
Anthologies edited
The Oxford Book of Canadian Ghost Stories (1984)
Black Water (1984)
Soho Square 3 (1984)
Dark Arrows: Stories of Revenge (1985)
Other Fires: Short Fiction by Latin American Women (1985)
Evening Games: Stories for Parents and Children (1988)
White Fire: More Tales of the Fantastic (1991)
By the Light of the Glow-Worm Lamp: Three Centuries of Reflections on Nature (1991)
The Gates of Paradise: The Flamingo Anthology of Erotic Literature (1993)
Fathers and Sons: An Anthology (1998)
The Ecco Book of Christmas Stories (2006)

Non fiction
Into the Looking-Glass Wood: Essays on Books, Reading, and the World (1985)
The Library at Night (2006)
Magic Land of Toys (2006)
A Room Full of Toys: The Magical Characters of Childhood (2006)
A Reading Diary: A Year of Favourite Books (2006)
With Borges (2006) (see Jorge Luis Borges)

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