Monday, February 09, 2009

Ruhama Avraham Belila


Ruhama Avraham Belila, Minister of Tourism for the State of Israel, expressed solidarity with the World Union and its mission in a 
letter welcoming registered delegates, and inviting others to join the upcoming international convention in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

CONNECTIONS 2009 “…is a stepping stone to strengthen ties between Jewish communities abroad and the State of Israel,” she wrote. Echoing the convention theme, Our Heart, Our Soul, Our World, Belila added, “As ‘body and soul’ we are one – Israel, the embodiment of the State, and our ‘soul’ as lies with our Jewish brethren around the world. What better time than now to come show your solidarity with the State of Israel.”

In appreciation and a show of support, the ministry is an underwriting sponsor of the convention, and suggests that, “[w]hile you are here to bridge and participate in the important work of your organization, we hope you will also have the time to enjoy the sights, wonders and joys Israel offers it visitors.”