Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Israel Rejects the One-Sided Resolution of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva

                                                            12 January 2009



Israel Rejects the One-Sided Resolution of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)


The Council's Decision Passed Without the Support of the Western and Democratic States


Israel rejects today's (12.1)  irrelevant and one-sided resolution of the Human Rights Council, that was adopted without the support of the western and democratic states.  The Council, dominated by Islamic and non-aligned states, adopted the resolution which condemns Israel following the "Cast Iron" operation. The resolution was accepted in the framework of a special session of the Council, which was convened at the request of the Organization of the Islamic Conference member states. This was the fifth special session called since the establishment of the Council to discuss condemning Israel, out of a total of nine special session meetings held by the Council so far.


Following intensive diplomatic activity by the Foreign Ministry (including with the foreign embassies in Israel), the Mission of Israel to the UN in Geneva and Israeli embassies around the world, the western and democratic countries of the world refused to support the resolution.


Canada opposed the resolution, while thirteen other states including the EU members of the Council (France, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Slovakia and Slovenia) as well as Japan, Korea, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ukraine, Switzerland and Cameroon abstained. The German Ambassador, in the name of the EU and additional states, explained before the vote that the motion was absolutely one-sides and therefore they could not support it.


The resolution contains elements that are completely unacceptable to Israel. It ignores the terrorism being conducted against Israel, Hamas' responsibility for events, the fact that for years Israeli citizens have been exposed to rocket and mortar fire launched by Hamas and other terrorist organizations, the use of civilians as human shields by the Hamas terrorist organization, in violation of international law, and its total unwillingness to assist the political process and the true interests of Israelis and  Palestinians alike.


This one-sided resolution is nothing more than an extension of the 18 resolutions condemning Israel that the Council has adopted so far, in regular and special sessions. The politically-motivated, almost exclusive focus on Israel has become a repulsive habit of the Council, exposing once again its true face as a body exploited by states whose behavior is far from ideal where human rights are concerned. This allows the Council's attention to be diverted from most of the regions of the world, while the fate of their residents is left to criminal negligence or abuse by Council members or their allies.


Kofi Annan, the former UN Secretary-General, expressed his opinion on the multitude of decisions of this kind when he said (/1212/2006) to the Security Council:

"Some may feel satisfaction at repeatedly passing General Assembly resolutions or holding conferences that condemn Israel's behavior. But one should also ask whether such steps bring any tangible relief or benefit to the Palestinians.... other than to strengthen the belief in Israel and among many of its supporters that this great Organization is too one-sided to be allowed a significant role in the Middle East peace process?"


It is therefore no wonder that the western world - that has yet to abandon totally its hope that the Council will succeed in fulfilling its designated role in the area of human rights -refused to give their support to this resolution or lend it moral credence.