Friday, February 24, 2006

Sad Muslim World

Take a look at any typical newspaper in the Muslim world.Every day you will see offensive cartoon caricatures of Jews.

Jews with fangs dripping blood

Jews as shadowy figures hoarding money or gold
Jews controlling the world

The Nazis used these anti-Semitic images as a license to kill. For decades they have appeared nearly every day in state-influenced media outlets from Egypt to Iran with one clear goal: to incite hatred against Jews.

While Arab and Muslim leaders attack offensive cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in the free European press, their followers engage in horrific acts of violence - riots, assaults, embassies burned to the ground.

These same leaders have consistently refused to criticize or put a stop to the deeply offensive and dangerousanti-Semitic depictions in their own media outlets.

Speak out against this despicableanti-Semitism!

End the hypocrisy — condemn religious, racial and ethnic stereotyping of any kind
Speak out and stop the vicious anti-Semitism in the Arab media

Join us to fight demonization and prejudice wherever they appear