Friday, October 27, 2006


"This course rejuvenated the beauty of Judaism for me. And the fact that everything in Yiddishkeit is interconnected with everything else. Judaism is truly a way of life and each Jew is interconnected with each other, just by virtue of being Jewish and part of the main way that this interconnectedness is demonstrated is through the Torah and Mitzvot.
Thank you for an excellent course - I am looking forward to the next one."E.C.S. Lawyer, Toronto, Ontario

"I truly enjoyed the interaction of people with diverse backgrounds, and would encourage anyone who wishes to add new dimensions to their Jewish lives to sample the JLI."Dawn Hyman, Elementary School Teacher, Worthington, OH

"It wasn't just an academic exercise. I learnt about how to live. Anybody could gain from these classes. It really tied everything together for me." Melinda Swartz -- Attorney, Milwaukee, WI

"I have studied therapies from different cultures. I am constantly amazed that Judaism answers the questions of how one heals oneself, stretching back 3,000 years."Stephen Ellman, Real Estate Developer, Columbus, Ohio

"Thank you for this opportunity! This has been a wonderful learning experience"Margaret Clementson - Pre-School Director, S. Antonio, TX

"The JLI courses introduced me to the soul and heart of Judaism."Danna Mcgreevy -- R.N., Columbia, South Carolina

"In the past eight weeks I have learned how the connection between the physical world and the spiritual world is very close.The Torah asks the universal questions and provides practical, and doable answers. - The Torah has so much depth; there are so many wonderful things to learn in the Torah.
Thank you for an excellent course."K. W. Doctor, Toronto, Ontario