Tuesday, October 31, 2006

KEHILLAH OR AHAYIM - Os nossos amigos - Our Best Friends

Speakers Spread the Word
More than 500 years after the Jews were given proffered baptisms (submit to baptism or leave the country), a Jewish genealogy group is forming in Spain. The Jewish community of Barcelona invited an American, Dr. Jeffrey S. Malka, to speak to the group recently about
Sephardic genealogy and discuss with them the formation of a genealogy group. Malka is the author of Sephardic Genealogy: Discovering Your Sephardic Ancestors and Their World.
Co-sponsored by Be'chol Lashon as part of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival's "Spotlight on Ethiopian Jews and Jews of Color” in July, the film Sisai was followed by panel discussions on race, adoption, and Jewish identity with director David Gavro, his brother Sisai Bayo, Dr. Ephraim Isaac, and others.
The Jewish Studies Center in Washington presented a 5-session series in May and June on Jewish Cultures Across the Globe. Courses included “The Evolution of Sephardic Names in the Diaspora” with Jeffrey Malka, “The Jews of Iraq from the Establishment of the State
of Israel until Now” with Maurice Shohet, “Judaism in Transylvania” with Larry Stern, “The Jewish Community of Nigeria” with Rabbi Howard Gorin, and “The Jews of Turkey” with Amalia S. Levi.
Ehav Eliyahu spoke about Jewish Migrations into West Africa on May 17 at Congregation Shearith Israel in NYC. Michael Freund spoke at the opening ceremony of Shavei Israel exhibition tracing the history and experience of Bnai Anousim over five centures. Titled ““The Journey of Spanish and Portuguese Bnai Anousim: Past, Present and Futue,” the show opened on May 25 and ran through July at the Dona Gracia House in Tiberias, Israel.