Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Relief Appeal

Haiti Relief Appeal

January 14, 12:45pm EST

The news and pictures that are coming out of Haiti are painful and heartbreaking, it is estimated that thousands of people have died. Many hundreds of thousands are injured and homeless. We have heard that money is needed most to help the relief effort.

The World Union for Progressive Judaism asks all of its members to participate and make generous donations as so many of you have before, when previous disasters have occurred.

Haiti Earthquake Disaster
Photo ©2010 Matthew Marek/American Red Cross. Used with permission.

The Latin American Council of the World Union is initiating a disaster relief fund in cooperation with the Union of Jewish Congregations of Latin America (UJCL) and the World Union's Yad B'Yad Taskforce.  We currently have a member of the UJCL on the ground in Haiti and he will be directing all donations received to the places that they are most needed, working with the Office of Disaster Management.  Any donations made to the WUPJ earmarked for Haiti Disaster Relief will be sent in their entirety with no administrative fee (save for credit card fees).

You can go to and make a credit card donation - please make sure you indicate that it is for Haiti Disaster Relief.

We are sure that your own regional bodies, congregations and communities may have their own disaster relief fund already set-up. Please support them as best you can.

Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world and can ill afford to help themselves. They need our support at this time.

Andre Moshe Prera - Kehillah Or Ahayim