Thursday, May 31, 2007

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Thursday, May 31. 2007
UK Union Votes in Favor of Boycotting Israel
Various UK academic unions and associations have been going back and forth on the issue of boycotting Israeli Academic institutes, condemning "Israeli academia's cooperation with the occupation" and calling on Israel to pull out of the West Bank.Yesterday at the UCU (University and College Union) conference, a motion was passed to support the campaign for an academic boycott of Israel - 158 for, 99 against, 17 abstentions. The decision passed was NOT a boycott but rather a call to continue discussion of this campaign.The UCU head, Sally Hunt, is AGAINST the boycott initiative. Responding to the votes yesterday afternoon, she said: 'As I have made clear in the past, and as I reiterated on the floor of congress this morning, I do not believe a boycott is supported by the majority of UCU members, nor do I believe that members see it is a priority for the union'.'Today's motion on boycott means all branches now have a responsibility to consulate all of their members on the issue and I believe that every member should have the opportunity to have their say. The earlier motion means that any future calls for a boycott must pass key tests before a boycott can implemented.'Click on our Act Now button to send a supportive message to Sally Hunt. Ask her to keep her word and get this issue in front of all union members and get a complete vote before going forward with this boycott.Please take a moment and mail this alert to your friends - let's get as many people as possible to stand up against this boycott act.
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Tuesday, May 29. 2007 poll - which is the most important topic in your view?
Most of members are activists that have been supporting Israel for quite a while. As veterans in the field of "Hasbara" (or explaining Israel's side to the world), we'd like to ask you to take a moment of your time and tell us what you think is the most important issue we should tackle in Please click below to vote in our poll:

Please choose the most important topic should focus on
Hamas and Palestinian terror The Iranian threat Global Anti Semitism The International arena (UN) Terror Organizations (Kidnapped Soldiers) Support those that support Israel Good news from IsraelOther:
> View Free Polls - Take Our Poll For further discussion please check out the forums in the following categories:Megaphone feedbackIsrael Awareness InitiativesDialogue arenaThanks for your time and your support.
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Sunday, May 13. 2007
This year on May 14th we all wear black
The following message has been circulating online for a few days."14.05.07 - All of Israel in BlackOn the 14th May 2007, all of Israel's citizens will wear black shirts to mark the many months since the Israeli soldiers were captured.In July 2006, ten months ago, Ehud Regev, Gilad Shilat and Ehud Goldwasser were captured. Almost a year later, no one has heard anything from them. We don't know where they are, if they are alive, what their conditions are, or what happened to them during this period. Almost a year and their families don't function, and do everything to return them to their homes. Almost a full year and no one does anything to bring them home.Almost a year has passed, and no one knows when this nightmare will be over. We can not let this subject go unnoticed from the daily agenda!!We, the citizens of Israel unite together in hope that the soldiers will be returned to their homes quickly.These three soliders went out to defend our country!! To defend us!!On 14 May 2007, Monday, we will all be in black shirts, and we call to you, Ehud Olmert, return these soldiers to their homes, and the normal lives their had before.Please publicize this to all who you know, however you can.*Being in Israel is not essential to this event!!! We can all raise awareness*"Join us and spread this along.
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Monday, April 23. 2007
Israel Remembers Its Fallen and Prepares for 59th Independence Day
Israel remembers its fallen, the men and women who gave their live so that we could live here in peace. Israel remembers the children, women and men, that lost their lives in terror acts. Our battle is not over yet, as Israel prospers it must remain strong and alert for future battles - only a strong Israel can lead to peace. Below is a collection of movies remembering our fallen, paying tribute to the IDF and preparing for the 59th Independence Day celebrations.
Israel, Our Path is not easy
I have no other country
Brothers in Arms - Tribute to the IDF
Cool Facts About Israel
How it all began - Ben Gurion Announces the State of Israel
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Saturday, April 21. 2007
Increased Activity in the community
Recent alerts showed increase level of activity in the community. Our alert about the UN signaling Israel out as the sole violator of women's rights made so many people frustrated they just had to do something about it. As a result, hundreds of you sent complaint letters to the UN women's rights committee. Many people also forwarded that alert to their friends and family urging their action as well.The last alert regarding the UK Journalists Union boycotting Israel created a wave of supportive comments to Toby Harnden, a union member, which stood up against the boycott act (Hat tip to the anonymous user which reported Toby Harnden's article to us).In general we're seeing increased click rates on our alerts, increased emailing of alerts to friends and much more action all around.We'd like to thank you all for you support. Please keep up this level of activity and help us make Israel's voice heard online and in the media. Click here if you'd like to report articles or movies that require Giyus action. Click here to invite your friends to join today.
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