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Subject: Parashas
-Likutei PeshatimParashas PinchasInternet Edition Vol. 17 No. 41July 17, 2003
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"Therefore say: 'Behold! I give him My covenant of peace.' "BeMidbar 25:12The significance of the command to Moshe of "emor" - "go and inform Pinchasof receiving his covenant" - is that Moshe himself was instructed to tellPinchas of his reward. What do we learn from this?The father-in-law of the Netzi"v, Rabbi Itzele of Volozhin, provides aparable to illustrate. An officer of the king was appointed to his positiondirectly by the king. The king trusted him and consulted with him for everymilitary matter. Unfortunately, one day troubles arose, but the officer wasunable to extricate himself and his soldiers from danger. Suddenly, though,a brave warrior stepped out from among the ranks. He took matters into hisown hands and everyone was saved. The king wanted to recognize the heroicsof the soldier who saved everyone, but at the same time he was concernedthat the general be reprimanded for his inability to respond appropriatelyto the challenges of the moment. What did the king do? He arranged thatthe brave and wise soldier receive his reward from the king via the generalunder whose command he served. In this manner, the soldier was rewarded,and with just the proper amount of disciplinary response, the generalsuffered a bit of diminution of his honor.Similarly, Moshe was unable to respond to the crisis which arose when Zimrichallenged him and created a public desecration of the name of Hashem. Thiscaused a very dangerous condition which threatened the Jewish people, and,in fact, thousands of people died due to the plague which ensued. Pinchasrose to the occasion and guarded the honor of Heaven, and for that he wasespecially deserving of reward. Moshe was instructed to present Pinchaswith his honor personally, to recognize Pinchas's achievement as well as toserve as a sign of chagrin regarding Moshe's lack of action in thesecircumstances.
Ha'amek Davar
"And it shall be for him and for his offspring after him a covenant ofeternal priesthood, because he took vengeance for his G-d and he atonedfor Bnei Yisrael."BeMidbar 25:13A king was informed about a distant province in his empire which hadrebelled and appointed its own ruler, independent of the king. The kingimmediately called two of his trusted military experts to head a legion ofsoldiers to quell the uprising. The king also requested that the officersreport back to him and inform him as to what measures were taken to put downthe rebellion.The messengers of the king were in fact successful, and when they returnedthey came to tell the king about their mission. The king wisely asked eachof them to enter by himself and report to him, as the king wanted to comparetheir versions and detailed accounts in order to develop a balancedimpression of the events that transpired.The first general began his story. "Your majesty has no idea just howdifficult things were when we arrived. The city was in an uproar. Theroyal troops in the area were being overcome. The rebels were well armed,and the leaders had secured most of the strategic positions in the city. Iencouraged our troops not to go down in defeat, and we fought a toughbattle, until we were finally successful. We, of course, had no choiceother than to kill the leader of the rebels, but now the king can restassured that this city will remain under his complete control."The king waspleased, and he placed a silver medal upon the shoulders of his loyaladvisor. He then invited the second general to enter and provide hisaccount of all that had occured."The truth is," he began, "that the intelligence which the king originallyreceived was apparently a bit overstated. When we arrived at the city whichwas reportedly rebelling, we found things totally tranquil and peaceful.The residents were living in harmony, and with admiration for the king, withthe exception of one wild fellow who tried to conspire against the king. Hewas immediately arrested, and when we arrived, things were totally undercontrol. We did not even have to draw our swords out of the sheathes!"The king understood the report he had now heard, and he rose up to kiss thegeneral on the head and presented him with a gold medal filled with preciousjewels. The king realized that, in fact, the first report was moreaccurate. However, the second general was protecting the subjects of thatprovince so that the king would not have to punish them. Even at theexpense of his own honor, this man had diminished his own role in order toprotect the king and his subjects from further turmoil. The kingappreciated this, and he rewarded the man for his concern.When Pinchas acted with zealous spontaneity, he nevertheless displayed animpressive degree of restraint. The attitude of one who acts with religiouszeal is that he often seeks to have those whom he opposes be punishedseverely. Although Pinchas stopped the sinners in their tracks, heimmediately prayed for mercy and atonement for the others. His true naturewas similar to that of his grandfather, Aharon HaKohen, who pursued peace,and his decisive actions against those who sinned was a momentary exceptionneeded to protect the honor of Heaven. However, because his true motiveswere for peace and harmony, his zeal did not lead to any further violence.The verse therefore attests to the genuine objectives of Pinchas, as itdeclares that although "he zealously took up Hashem's cause", nevertheless,"he made atonement for the Israelites". Therefore, his reward wasappropriately "a covenant of eternal priesthood", a position of peace andharmony between Hashem and His cherished people.Pekudas Elazar
"And Moshe brought their cause before G-d."BeMidbar 27:5The law was concealed from him. Here he was punished for having taken acrown (for assuming authority), when he said (Devarim 1:17): "And the matterthat is too difficult for you, you should bring to me." -- Rashi, fromSanhedrin 8aWhat is the connection between Moshe's once having spoken in a manner thatwas deemed to be too presumptuous and his having this law elude him? Oneissue relates to character, while the other is a matter of knowledge. Evenif he was faulted for having spoken with a degree of contempt, which wasunacceptable for a person of his stature, this does not seem to relate tohis inability to know the ruling in the case of the inheritance of thedaughters of Tzlafchad.The study of Torah is fundamentally different from the pursuit of any otherarea of knowledge. In general, once someone studies and masters a subject,he knows the information. However, the study of Torah differs in that everytime a person sits down to learn, he needs special assistance from theHeavens that he should not forget that which he learns. As the Gemarareports (Megilla 6b): "To retain one's learning, one is dependent uponassistance from the Heavens." Consequently, when a person's personality isflawed, and specifically in the area of haughtiness, he loses his merits andheavenly support and is subject to forgetting his learning.This lesson applies even in the case of someone as great as Moshe Rabbeinu.As a consequence of his having spoken in an inappropriate manner, thehalacha eluded him. His proficiency in Torah was affected by this minuteelement of haughtiness which crept into his speech.
Zichron Meir
"And G-d said to Moshe: 'Take for yourself Yehoshua the son of Nun, a man inwhom there is spirit, and lay your hand upon him.' "BeMidbar 27:18Yehoshua served you much and showed you great honor. It was he who roseearly in the morning and remained late at night at your House of Assembly.He used to arrange the benches and spread the mats. Since he has served youwith all his might, he is worthy to serve Israel, for he shall not lose hisreward. -- BeMidbar Rabba (21:15)What is the significance of Yehoshua being chosen due to the fact that hearranged the benches in the Beis Midrash of Moshe?There is a fundamental difference between the outlook of a commoner as hesees the world, and the wide-ranging and deep perspective which a leader ofmen has upon events. A simple person only sees major "newsworthy" events ashaving significance and impact. Consequently, he trivializes those thingswhich he considers to be routine, and attaches little meaning to them.Great men realize that it is specifically those actions which a person doesunknowingly that reveal the inner nature of one's personality. It is thisappreciation of the purpose of all things and of each event which helps aleader develop a profound respect for all people, and the patience andtolerance to deal with "small" matters as if they are indeed crucial.Everything in the world serves a purpose, and a person who understands thiscan see in every action the role it plays.When Hashem chose the people who were to lead His nation, He looked to theshepherds to see how they treated the small and gentle creatures which weregiven over to their care. When they proved themselves to be people whodealt with detail and viewed simple things as being significant, they earnedthe role to be a leader of men.We see that most people consider some things to be great and other things tobe plain. Great people see everything as being substantial and momentous.The Midrash associates the following verse in Mishlei with Yehoshua: "Theone who guards the fig, he will eat from it." The secret of the success ofYehoshua was in that he understood that great things develop from small,sometimes unnoticed origins. A small seed grows into a tree, and a tinyblossoming flower into a fruit. Yehoshua, who cleaned and arranged thefurniture in the study hall showed that he had this appreciation forthemeager beginnings which develop into the grand scheme.
Rabbi Eliyahu Meir Bloch
"And one male of the goats for a sin-offering to Hashem. In addition to thecontinual olah-offering shall it be made, and its libation."BeMidbar 28:15Resh Lakish said: "Why is the male goat of Rosh Chodesh different fromother Mussaf male goats in that regarding it the phrase 'to Hashem' is used?By this expression, Hashem said: 'This male goat shall be an atonement forMy diminishing the size of the moon.' ". -- Gemara Sh'vuos 9aConcerning the Mussaf male goat of Rosh Chodesh, the word " wvHashem) seems superfluous, as all sacrifices commanded by the Torah areoffered to Hashem, yet this expression is not found regarding any otherMussaf male goat.An Aggada in Chulin (60b) relates that the sun and the moon were createdequal in size (see Bereshis 1:16), but G-d caused the moon to become smallerbecause it argued that it was impossible for it and the sun to reign asco-equals. The moon argued then that it was unjust that it should suffer,because it had raised a valid point. G-d sought to placate the moon invarious ways, but it was not appeased. Finally, G-d said: "Bring anatonement for Me, for I diminished the moon." This puzzling statement isaddressed by many commentators. What can "bringing an atonement for G-d"possibly mean?Tosafos HaRosh explains that G-d speaks in these terms [though objectivelyinappropriate in regards to Him] in order to teach us that a master forcedto discipline his servant for misbehavior should nonetheless seek to mollifythe servant afterwards.Ri"f explains the statement altogether differently.He says that to mollify the moon Hashem granted it the honor of its renewalbeing the occasion on which the Jewish people would bring a male goat toatone for their sins. By bringing the male goat on Rosh Chodesh, the Jewishpeople bestow on behalf of G-d the honor He promised to the moon. Thus, themeaning of G-d's statement is: Bring your atonement for Me [i.e. tocompensate the moon on My behalf] for My having diminished it.Ri"f
Sh'vuos 1a
Halachic Corner Pirkei Avos - Chapter 6Zmanim for Parashas Pinchas, 5763Krias Shma - Sat. Tefila - Sat.According to the Gaon of Vilna9:14 10:28According to the Magen Avraham8:38 10:04Sunset Sunrise SunsetFriday Sat. Sat.8:22 5:32 8:21Brachos are very important because when one recites a bracha he shows thathe believes that there is a G-d in the world and that everything belongs toHim. When we say a bracha before eating, we acknowledge that one must askpermission from G-d to eat any food. Chazal tell us that a person whoderives pleasure from anything without a bracha is similar to a person whosteals from G-d. The table where we eat is also holy, as Chazal tell usthat as long as the Beis HaMikdash existed the Altar atoned for KlalYisrael. Now that we no longer have the Beis HaMikdash, one's table atonesfor him. Therefore, a person should say a little Torah or mizmorim aboutfood while at the table in order to bring a holiness into the eating. Inthe Torah (Devarim 8:10), G-d gave a mitzvah to bless Him with BirkasHaMazon after we eat - "V'achalta v'savata u'veirachta" - "And you shall eatand you shall be satisfied and you shall bless." In this pasuk we have thekey to understanding the foundation of blessings. This is one of the onlyplaces in the Torah where G-d commanded us to bless His name. Therefore,one should recite the Birkas HaMazon with concentration. By reciting abracha over a food one also shows that when one eats he is not onlysatisfying his desires but is also eating in order to be strong in servingG-d.In the time of the Gemara, one person said the entire bentching and everyoneelse listened. In our times we do not have the concentration to listen tothe entire bentching. Therefore, each person says the Birkas HaMazon forhimself. If possible, one should finish the bracha in time to answer "Amen"to the bracha that is said by the leader. At least the first bracha shouldbe said aloud by the leader. Everyone else should say it quietly and answer"Amen". The same should be done with the other blessings. (M.B. 183:28)Questions for Thought and Study1. Why do we need to know the lineage of Zimri?See Rashi 25:142. What was the real family name of h°b±z¨t? Why is an alternate nameused? See Rashi and Chasam Sofer 26:163. What trait did the daughters of Tzelafchad share with their ancestorYosef? See Rashi 27:14. What was the difference between the way Moshe's face glowed and the wayYehoshua's face glowed? Why was there a difference?See Sifsei Chachamim 27:205. How did the bulls that were offered on Sukkos represent the whole world?See Rashi 29:18This Week Likutei Peshatim is SponsoredBy Hebrew Theological College wishing mazal tov to Blitstein Instituteinstructors: Gladys Azulay and her husband Yehuda on the birth of agranddaughter; and Lynn Shapiro and her husband Irv, and Susan Feuer, on thebirth of a granddaughter, born to Michael & Tova Perl.Cong. 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Answers:1. This shows the merit of Pinchas - that even though Zimri had adistinguished lineage, Pinchas did not refrain from killing him.2. The real family name was Etzbon. The reason that the alternative namewas used was because the fingers (etzba'os) were created only to cover theears (ozen) from hearing prohibited things. Since the "ozen" is the purposefor the fingers, it is listed primarily.3. They all loved Eretz Yisrael.4. Moshe's face glowed like the sun, while Yehoshua's face shone like themoon. This was because Moshe's glow was directly from Hashem, like the sun.Yehoshua's glow was a reflection of Moshe's glow, just as the moon's glow isa reflection of sunlight.5. The seventy bulls represent the seventy nations of the world.