Sunday, October 17, 2010

Israel's Strange Priorities

Israel's Strange Priorities
Once again, Prime Minister Netanyahu has publicly pleaded with the Palestinians not to leave the "peace talks." And his Defense Minister (who did his best to give Arafat the Old City of Jerusalem) joined in by promising that a compromise can reached that will allow the talks to go on.

While Israel's leaders are chasing after Abbas ( a man who believes that Jerusalem was never Israel's capital) the Iranians continue to charm the West and proceed toward attaining nuclear weapons. Last week, a Yale University professor arranged for her students to meet and listen to Iran's tyrannical President. Did you hear or read anything about this meeting -- this brainwashing of American college students? Well unless you read the 
Yale Daily News orMichael Ledeen the chances are this is the first time you even heard of this outrage. 

Where are the critics of this odious man and the deadly regime he represents? Where are the human rights groups who denounce Israel for phony human rights abuses? Why aren't they protesting? Where are Israel's defenders? Where is the State of Israel?

We received a note from a popular Christian writer who asked why Israel's Prime Minister was not in New York focusing the world's attention on the barbarity and the dangers of the Iranian regime.  We responded, "Ask him."

As Iran moves closer to attaining nuclear power, we need to demand that the United States and Israel make stopping Iran a top priority.