Sunday, September 06, 2009



Eliyokum Cohen 

people always tell me that mentioning the word punishemnt or gehennim is counterproductive...oh yeah well tell that to G-d who invests quite a lot of time and effort laying out reward and punishment in torah...want a good example of this...READ THIS WEEKS PARSHA...theres a paragraph on what happens when we follow Torah and one that describes the gruesome details and events that will befall the Jews when we stray...mothers eating their children, sounds like a nightmare huh, well ask the people that went through it when our Temples were destroyed and we were exiled about how it feels to feel the wrath of Hashem...the Torah isnt a fairy tale, these things happened and continue to happen because we as Jews decide to do whatever we want constantle...punishment is all over Torah and its a fact of life...if you dont believe in punishment then dont ever discipline your kids, drive as fast as you want on the roads, and dont abide by any rules of society...see how far that gets you...its time for Jews to take our heads out of the sand and start realizing that life isnt always about a fancy car or a new outfit or going to that new nightclub that just was given to us by G-d to exalt His Name and be a testament to His power...thats why we as Jews were either heed the Torah or be prepared for the consequences...when your kid steps out of line, you discipline him so it doesnt happen again...well why would Hashem be any different...with the responsiblity we have comes the eternity of spiritual bliss that cant even be described...if living like the nonJews and desecrating Torah is really worth forgoing the afterlife then i feel for you and i want your soul...good shabbos