Thursday, February 01, 2007

For Excellence and Ramchal

We're told that there's something of a congenital relation between our souls and the Torah. That the same impalpable, electric, teeming, numinous, full, rich stuff found in one is there in the other, too.

As such, whenever a Torah thought is studied, a soul that's somehow or another connected to it is intoned in response to it like a bell; and whenever a soul is remembered, a Torah thought is suddenly clarified inresponse to it. And so if that soul is ill, it's somehow remedied to a degree by the Torah thought connected to it, and if it has passed on that soul is somehow upraised by it. If you know a soul who's ill, who'd need the Torah thoughts connected to the holy books we concentrate in this series; or if you'd like a soul that had passed on to benefit from those Torah thoughts, please consider dedicating a class or a series of them to him or her.

-- Yaakov Feldman --