Sunday, March 26, 2006

Prima e Irmã Rufina

Querido Family, Friends, Primos,

During these days before the High Holy days, we are bidden to e
xamine our interactions of the previous year and remember the times we may have spoken in anger or criticized with or without intention, or for "loshen hora" (speaking about others even if true).

Most interactions are with people whose private pain is unknown to us and we cannot be sure that we have not added to their distress. There is no way to eradicate the hurtful mistakes of our past, but repentance for our actions, both those of intent or without, can cause the miraculous process of teshuva, of fixing the past as well as the future. However, this can only happen if we admit the harm we may have done and feel regret for any damage or pain we may have caused.

Honor, respect, dignity and love are due to each and every one of us, not because of our achievements, but because we are home to a soul, and no one created their own soul. Everyone has been gifted with a rare essence, simply because we are the handiwork of Hashem. We deserve to honor ourselves -- and each other --not because of our greatness-- but because of our soulful essence that is a gift from G-d. (in His image).

The key to forgiveness lies in restoring balance to our relationships both personal and professional. When we are motivated to take action and move ahead, it is essential we understand the direction for proceeding. It helps us to feel secure when we know that the path is clearly laid-out. To reconcile, we need to provide both the desired destination as well as the "road-map" for getting there.

Two millennia ago our great sage Hillel taught: "If not now, when?"
Who knows if we will have another chance.
In humility and love I ask all my acquaintances, friends, primas, primos, brothers & sisters to forgive me for any hurt, damage or pain I may have caused them..... May we start the new year in true repentance for the wrongs committed and may we all be inscribed for a healthy & good year in the Book of Life.

Abraços, your irma, prima e amiga