Friday, September 10, 2010

Americans Distrust Obama ON Israel, Iran, Security

Americans Distrust Obama ON Israel, Iran, Security
The Emergency Committee for Israel recently polled 1,000 likely Americans and the results show a growing divide between Americans and the policies of the Obama Administration:

Some highlights from the poll:

47% believe that Obama's outreach to Muslim world has decreased American security. 33% say it has increased security.

51% said that Israel's enemies are America's enemies. 38% disagree

51% believe Jerusalem should remain undivided capital of Israel, only 20% disagree.

26% say the creation of a Palestinian State will increase terrorism against Israel. 19% say it will decrease.

22-16 say anti-American sentiment will increase with the creation of a Palestinian State.

81% believe that enemies of the United States use the Israel-Palestinian conflict as an excuse for being anti-American.

Nearly 60% disagree that Israeli policies create terrorists.

76% say the United States can not be safe with a nuclear Iran.

79% say that Obama will fail to stop Iran from going nuclear.

Clearly the American people are strong supporters of Israel and for a robust effort to stop Iran. Rea the whole poll